Ya-ya’s Adventures – Year Two, Episode 1

Now, that a year has passed in Ya-ya’s Adventures, the format will change a bit. Instead of posting about the weeks in my life, I will post adventures as they happen, not in the weeks that they occur. I still have much to tell about my life, my children’s lives, and my grandchildren’s lives, especially updates on Cassidy with her ongoing battles with her disabilities. The adventures may be grouped together as events or they may be posted as one adventure.

The month of June brought about Vacation Bible School again. This is a week long event for children ages three through sixth grade and involves singing, Bible stories, crafts, games and snacks. It is held in my church for five mornings. I have volunteered for this for many years now and it is an exciting time. This year, both Delilah and Leah attended. I would LOVE to have Mary and Aaron’s children come also but I just didn’t have the time or the transportation to include everyone. I would need a mini school bus for that. I tried to convince Aaron to bring them but it was difficult to get them all ready and to come across the city to the church, I suppose.

Delilah remembered the fun she had last year so she was so excited to attend. Leah was a bit reluctant but she got into it once she was there. The teachers and assistants in her class were great at directing her to an activity so I could slip out the door.

The first day, all children decorated megaphones which went along with our theme. At the closing of the morning, over 200 children were seated on the church pews and tooting into their megaphones. It was pure chaos! Pastor Dave tried to corral the noise by having every child toot into their craft for a minute or two at the beginning of the closing exercises. But, the children were loving the noise too much to put them down when he asked! Thank goodness, the noise makers (children AND megaphones) went home at noon. Only the children came back the next day, thank goodness!

On the last day, all the children stand, by classes, on the front steps of the church sanctuary to sing several of the songs we all learned during the week. Each song has a series of very energetic motions to go along with the singing. Leah and Delilah were just a few rows apart so Leah pushed through the other children so she could stand next to her cousin. Parents are invited to attend the closing exercises so Rachel and Val both watched their children be as cute as they could be – together and Delilah sang and Leah watched her. It was so sweet to see Leah trying to do the motions just as her big cousin did.

On Father’s Day, I went to visit my parents for the afternoon. My father did not understand what Father’s Day was anymore but he did enjoy my company. Mom says that he is more confused in the evenings. He has asked where his children are, as if we still live with them. And, he has even asked about his brothers that are no longer on this earth. He forgets that he is not a young boy living with his brothers in his parents’ house.

This Fourth of July, America’s birthday, I had a cookout/party for all my children and grandchildren and my parents. I was in my glory with seven of my eight grandchildren all running around together. Jared was on vacation with his father and step-mother as he usually is this time of year and Hannah didn’t actually run since she was only four months old. Val was not there either because it was a working night. After the picnic, Tim, Mary and Aaron and their children went to the community park for fireworks. Rachel’s family stayed home because of the late hour and Cassidy was with a sitter. It was a crazy time because we had an hour to wait until the big event. We got there early to be able to find a decent parking spot and place to put our chairs.IMG_1725 The kids ran around screaming and chasing each other and all the parents were put to the edge of their sanity until the fireworks went off. Mary and Aaron’s crew had never seen fireworks before because of the late hour for the little ones. James yelled to me, “Nana! It keeps making a loud sound!” The next day, Mike set off some small fireworks on the street in front of our house for Leah to enjoy. She was frightened of the popping and screaming and she cried. Better luck next year.

Later that week, Trinity came over to spend the night with Delilah at our house. They just love to be together! IMG_0049Now, Leah is so excited to join her big cousins, even though they are not as excited to have her with them. The next morning, Rachel and I packed lunches and got four little girls ready for the pool. “Moana”, the Disney character, was going to be there to read the children a story. After the story, she sang her theme song and invited all the children in attendance to sing with her. My eyes teared up as my three oldest granddaughters sang the song – word for word- along with Moana.

Leah wearing her lei.

Trinity with Moana

Even three year old Leah knows all the words. After the singing and storytelling, everyone got a lei. We were near the back and when it looked like the adults were going to run out of leis to hand out, Trinity pushed her way to the front to get leis for her, Delilah and Leah. Story time was followed by several hours in the pool. Trinity was just as daring as Delilah, maybe more so even though she has never had much opportunity to go swimming in a large pool such as this. I just stood in the three to four feet of water and watched them chase each other in the pool and continuously jump off the side to make big splashes all over me. When Rachel and I announced it was time to leave, Trinity walked as slowly as she could to the exit. All three girls cried because they didn’t want to leave (and they were very tired) so it was quite noisy in the car!



I learned:

  1. My church does an excellent job of presenting God’s Word to many children. The weeklong event of Vacation Bible School takes many, many volunteers to make it run smoothly. All of these people, men, women and teens, take time out of their lives to devote to these children, many of whom are not members of our church. God is good indeed and so are His people!
  2. The times with my children and grandchildren are so precious! I cherish each moment we spend together as a family. My heart fills to overflowing as I enjoy my time with them!
  3. The times with my parents are just as precious. I don’t know how long these times can continue since both of my parents are in their mid-eighties, but I’m going to enjoy them every moment we have together!