Ya-ya’s Adventures: Weeks 48-50

Aaah! Spring!

Since Val and I had been to a Paint Nite evening in March, I wanted to go with my other daughter-in-law, Mary. Since she works nights – Monday through Friday, starting at 9PM, it was hard to find a workable time for her schedule plus Aaron works 4PM to close at a restaurant in the city. They rely on her mother and sisters to help with the children, along with Zak, who is Draven’s dad (Draven is BJ’s oldest son-six years old). Once we settled on an evening, the next thing was to decide on a painting that both of us would like to do. With both of those items settled, we set out with water and snacks to Pinot Palette to paint a sunset. It was lots of fun and I love the painting. Mary is not shy to ask lots of questions of our guide. Me, I’m so centered on not bothering anybody, that I seldom ask anything of anyone unless I absolutely need to. But, sitting next to Mary, I benefitted from her questions because they were the same questions that I had.

Mother’s Day and my birthday are always a few days apart which can be expensive for my children. I have always told them to chose one special day or the other to celebrate, not both. They always give me cards for both special days no matter what. Aaron celebrated Mother’s Day by taking Mary’s mother, Mary, BJ, and me to dinner. He even called ahead to make sure they were open and if they had a special Mother’s Day menu. This was a pleasant awakening on my part. Yes, I know he has three children and runs a tight household on a limited budget. But, to actually think ahead and make plans is a pleasant assurance that he REALLY is an adult. I keep thinking he’s that forgetful kid I knew long ago.

My birthday was just two a couple of days later. My parents took me out to dinner on the following Sunday, Tim brought me flowers to plant in my large planters and garden, and Rachel and Mike treated me to a very good homemade dinner. I love their diversity and appreciate their thoughtfulness. Everything was perfect! And the flowers are beautiful!

With Tim’s flowers, I was excited to get the gardens, deck boxes and planters filled again. But, it rained and rained and rained! By the time Memorial Day came, I was so sick of rain and cold. I wanted to get out of slippers and my shawl and go barefoot with shorts and short sleeves. When was that going to happen?

Finally, the rain stopped for a few days, long enough to dry out the gardens so I didn’t plant in mud. I love choosing flowers for the garden. I grab a cart at a local garden store and make my way up and down the aisles trying to decide on what to buy and what color. Since this is our fifth year in this house, you would think it would be easy. But, there are so many wonderful kinds of annuals in a myriad of colors! I have to think of what works in the deck boxes and containers as opposed to the flower garden in the front of the house. I have to think of what flowers need full sun and what flowers need lots of light but little or no direct sun.

Over the years, I have planted enough perennials to fill in most of the garden, including day lilies, roses, black-eyed susans, and coneflowers. I just buy annuals for the front border of the garden, the planters, and the deck boxes. Once I am finished, the garden blooms all through the summer with different flowers. It is most beautiful!

I learned:

  1. It’s nice to “hide” behind someone who is bolder than I am when it comes to getting answers to questions. I get irritated with myself when I have questions and comments but lack the nerve to “bother” the hostess. It’s not that I’m shy but that I don’t want to bother anybody, even though the hostess always tells us that questions are welcomed. When someone else asks the same questions I need answered, I can get answers without making myself uncomfortable.
  2. My children and grandchildren make a point to recognize me on my special days. All the other holidays and gatherings are for other people, usually the children, but Mother’s Day and my birthday are just for me (yes, I make time for MY mother, too). It’s nice when I feel their love.
  3. I never forget that it is by God’s design that the earth is covered with such a broad amount of floral beauty! He didn’t have to go to such lengths to give us such awesome detail. But, He certainly did!